We Know Your Pain

We use the McKenzie approach to evaluate and effectively treat radiating pain. Radiating pain or radicular symptoms include pain, tingling, numbness or any other sensation in the Extremities.

In the Cervical spine region, symptoms can radiate into the Trapezious muscle, the scapula (shoulder blade), the shoulder and upper arm, the elbow or lower arm, the wrist, hand and finger. Thoracic pain or sensations often radiate around the ribs, into the axila (arm pit) or into the front of the chest or sternum.

The lumbar spine can radiate into the hips, front thigh, side of thigh, buttock, back of the upper leg or hamstring. Sometimes the pain can radiate into the abdomen, The location of symptoms helps us determine which level in the spine is affected.

L5-S1 nerve root compression radiates into the buttock, hamstring and calf and is often referred to as Sciatica

L4-L5 nerve root compression often radiates into the outside of the upper leg and lower leg and into the outside of the foot.

The radiculotherapy can be associated with weakness also. Sometimes, when a motor nerve is involved, you might experience weakness without pain or numbness. Often times the numbness is associated with weakness.