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"Early in January 2022, I was suffering from osteoarthritis (OA) in both of my hips. The OA was not new, but each winter it seems to be more easily aggrevated and would throb at night, keeping me awake. Denise Buher, owner Spine & Orthopedic Physical Therapy (OSPT), had recommended exercises for me to do at home back in 2018, but they no longer "did the trick" in stopping the pain. So, this January I came in for 5 weeks of PT after Denise's new evaluation of my symptoms, and I learned additional exercises to do to strengthen both hips and posture, and I am free of pain once again. I've learned It's a good idea to revisit OSPT to refresh my understanding of the recommended exercises and make certain I am doing them correctly. Anything I can learn and do to keep my "original parts" and keep out of the surgery room has my enthusiastic vote. Denise and her staff are tops and I wll for ever be grateful to all of them."
Mar 18, 2022
"Denise & Staff Thank you so much for the professional and personal care given me for my neck injury issue. In fact, I was released early due to my symptoms being relieved . I believe the exercises and equipment recommended for my case were smack on. The office staff was great and even called to have me cancel due to the upcoming snow storm. I would highly recommend your location to anyone. Thanks again!!"
Mar 04, 2022
"This is the best place I have ever been to."
May 13, 2021
"Hello Denise, Abby Dickinson here! I don't know if you remember me, but I shadowed at you clinic last summer. I just wanted to let you know that I am going to be attending DPT school at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science in the fall of this year! I just wanted to let you know because shadowing at your clinic helped me a lot with finding my career path and helping me get chosen for that program! I appreciate everything! Hope all is going well especially given the current state of the world. Thank you so much. Yours truly, Abby D"
May 22, 2020
"**efficient, empathetic, invested** Dr. Buher was so incredibly prompt with responding to a knee issue I was having, and was successful in explaining a few exercises I could do to ease pain, and procedures to follow if I would be walking on it. She was so thorough even through a Tele-appointment and eased my pain within 20 minutes. She was patient, kind, empathetic, and I could tell she was truly invested in a long term fix rather than just getting another client. She has since checked in on me and I can tell she will be there for more help if/when I need it. Highly recommend."
May 11, 2020
"They saved me. Doctors said surgery was my only option. The staff at Orthopedic and Spine PT proved them wrong. I didn’t sleep for months due to pain and numbness down my arm and hand. Within 2 weeks I was totally fine. Amazing "
May 11, 2020
"As time goes by, the OA in my left hip has become more easily irritated. When it got so the pain was 3 to 5 out of 10 each day, I was advised to see an orthopedic surgeon. I did so and also had a second opinion. They both said that my OA is not yet “Bone on Bone” so surgery is not advised now. One doctor gave me a prescription for pain relief (which I shredded – It is just the way I am) and also sad to go for a physical therapy evaluation. (Thank Goodness!) I came to Denise’s office since she helped me before with a different issue. Denise evaluated my complaint, asked lots of questions, listened patiently and attentively. I scheduled several appointments, was treated by Denise, Thomas and Paul. After one week (2 appointments) the hip pain was gone! I was faithful in doing my home exercises and now after 6 appointments I’m ready to be discharged to continue my home exercise plan. I am so glad the surgeons said no surgery and advised a physical therapy evaluation! You are healers and I am Grateful! Thank you!! "
Nov 10, 2019

I want to comment on my overall experience. I’ve been to other PT Clinics but this one makes me want to return! I loved the way the therapists communicated with each other over every patient. They all knew why I was there, what my up-to-date status was, etc. The entire staff was exceptional!


Denise and staff
Thank you for putting me back together again. I’m old and clumsy so I’ll be back! I want you to know everyone was important in my recovery. Your staff is top notch! I’ll recommend you to friends and family – Hello to all- I’m Great thanks to you!!

Michelle Sturdevant

Dear Denise
Your kindness to me on Monday was so appreciated. Coming to work, leaving vacation on the lake couldn’t have been anything but difficult. Yet, you showed me patience, caring, help even putting my sneaker on for me. 🙂 Thank you so much for your professionalism and wanting to help me with my old tired muscles and left knee.

Chris Henneke

Dear Orthopedic & Spine Physical Therapy staff,
Thank you so much for letting me shadow you guys for those four weeks. I learned so much from all of you, and am so grateful I was able to shadow an office with such wonderful people and patients. Thank you for teaching me and explaining you techniques. I will remember them to help me with my physical therapy future.
Thank you!

Lindsey Ziegler

Denise and your entire staff,
With warm appreciation for all you’ve given of your time, your energy and yourselves. I now equate pain remediation with physical exercise and with remarkable results! Kindest regards and best wishes for your continued success.


Thank you so much for helping me rid my 2016 back pain and building my new and strong 2017 back! You, your team and your office are simply the best! It’s been great getting to know you these past few months and I can’t wait to see what fun (trouble) summer 2017 at the lake brings! I hope you have a great year!
With love,


This was not my first time here at Orthopedic & Spine. Several years ago I was here for another problem. So when it was determined that I needed physical therapy I chose to come here again because I remembered the excellent treatment from caring staff that I had received previously. The staff truly listened when I tried to explain my pain. They followed through with appropriate treatment.

Thank you for helping me to regain my freedom to live without pain!

DSL 4/6/16

Orthopedic & Spine therapists saved me from getting surgery. After lots of tests, my doctors still didn’t know why I had pain. I was evaluated here and discovered my pain was muscular and was radiating from my back.

Thank God for this place!

Renay Gibson

I cannot express enough my gratitude to the staff here! Their knowledge, compassion and patience were outstanding. They encouraged me when I felt defeated and it made all the difference.

Truly a marvelous staff from the first door to the back room.

Thank you!

Joanne DellaValle

Winter 2015

Thank you so much for giving me my quality of life back, could not have done it without your knowledge and help!

You’re the BEST!

Many thanks!


I just want to thank you for working with me for six months and helping me fully heal! Thank you for being patient and helping me stay positive when I didn’t think I could.


No matter how brief or long our encounters were, you made a difference.

Thank you.


Orthopedic & Spine Family,

I just wanted to thank you for everything you all have done for me! Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity to work here and learn from you all! Thank you for taking a chance and believing in a new grad. I have learned so much from each and every one of you and I will take the lessons I learned here with me throughout my career. Working here with everyone and all the patients has given me a new confidence that I’ve never had and I have you all to thank for it. I have had such a good time working with here, it is very hard to say good bye to all of you because you all have done so much for me and taught me so much. I truly enjoyed working with each and every one of you and will miss it here!

Thank you so much.


Dear Staff,

I would like to thank all of you for the privilege of being able to work beside you. I have had a great experience here and really appreciate how helpful you all have bee. I love the facility and the approach you take when caring for patients. You have truly shown me what working as a team looks like. Again thank you for this opportunity!

Russell Sage

Ortho & Spine Staff,

Thank you all for your patience with me the last 14 weeks as I finished out my PT degree! You have all been so much fun to work with and I have learned so much from each of you. You’re an incredible team!

Emily Gallagher

I started coming to PT because I sprained my shoulder back in August of 2014. When I started coming, my pain was pretty much gone.I still came anyway for my own benefit and to gain knowledge on knowing what to do if my should ever acts up again.

The therapists here are all very nice and very helpful. Whatever need you have they tend to it immediately, always knowing what they were doing.
It’s an excellent facility all around! I highly recommend it.

Layna Kineke 3/30/15

Dear Chris,

Just a not to express my appreciation for taking my call while I was in the Carribean. Your advice worked and provided relief from the agony I was in. I unfortunately did not make my Aunt’s funeral as I leaned she passed the night before but I was able to make it home. Thank you! You are excellent at your job!

Best wishes., Lois Emmens 4/2015

“Staff of OSPT

The 5 weeks have been helpful. All of the Physical Therapists have been courteous and professional. The setting is always clean and well maintained. The therapy has been handled professionally with attention to my level of pain. Everyone remembered my name each time even though I could not remember all of theirs.

Lois Sullivan 7/16/15

Everyone, (But really.I think I’ve seen everyone)

I wish I could thank you each, individually for all of your patience and work with me over this past year. I am so glad I chose to do all my PT with you guys, I don’t think I’d be this far along if I had gone elsewhere. I know it is not better yet and probably won’t be for some time, but I am grateful for the gains I have made in the right direction. I didn’t talk about it in detail much, but it was a sever accident and recovery to 100% or close was never a guarantee. We’re still hopeful. There are a few more months before we’ll know, but I really appreciate each of you for all of your patience.

Anna August 2015

Dear Denise and Staff,

Your very professional staff has done miracles for me. I have had two knee replacements this year. One on January 14 and one o;n April 15th. I received rehab in Arlington Virginia prior to coming North to Glen Lake, NY.

You and your physical therapy staff have since given me wonderful therapy sessions as well as exercise homework to keep me “on track” to completely recover! I have lost most of the balance problems and have become much stronger and less tentative while climbing stairs and in general walking movements.

I hope that I continue to improve each day with the help of your staff.

Eugene D. Choppa
Age 78

June 26, 2014
Dear Denise & Staff,

As I conclude my current PT exercises, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you what a wonderful experience it was for me.

You employees from the appointment secretaries to the therapist and aides could not have been more pleasant and helpful.

Please accept these goodies as a token of my sincere appreciation.

With very good wishes for future success!


Vince De Santis

May 28, 2014
Denise and Staff,

My shoulder had been hurting for over a year. Sleeping became interrupted by the pain. I had been to PT 15 years ago by a recommendation from an orthopedist for a bone spur which was causing pain. It worked and no surgery was needed. As a former physical education and health educator, I am a firm believer in preventative and alternative treatments. I know, as a I studied sport psychology, that the mind and body are closely related and I hoped to avoid surgery and drugs. Having skid with Denise at Gore, I felt comfortable calling her for an evaluation. I needed to do something before my busy season since I own a bed and breakfast. I am happy to say, I made my goal. I can comfortably continue to swim, kayak, play pickle ball and volleyball as well as complete my chores related to inn-keeping. Not bad for a 64-year-old!

P.S. My brother-in-law has a similar condition, gets cortisone shots and the pain only returns again.


Nancy Belluscio

Attention: Denise Buher

I have been experiencing back pain for a year, and I started to feel relief with 24 hours of my first session at your Spine and Orthopedic Center.

Having a healthy distrust of doctors, I limped around for months thinking I might need a hip replacement. At an orthopedist office, I was given an injection in the hip without an x-ray, which did nothing. Over the next six months, I saw a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and several specialists. I had injections in muscles spasms in my back, an x-ray, MRI and three injections directly into my spine. With each professional, I explained that I thought my problem (a herniated disc at L5/S1) stemmed from the way I sleep. I was told that was impossible and that I would most likely need surgery since all else has failed.

Three friends suggested I see you and with increasing difficulty getting through each day, I made an appointment. I suggested rather hesitantly that I thought my problems might be related to the way I sleep. Without hesitation, you agreed and I knew we were off on the right foot. With a few simple exercises and changing the way I sleep, I noticed an improvement within 24 hours. Five days later, I’m claiming that I’m at lease 50% better. I have renewed hope and armed with the knowledge and skills you have given me. I feel confident that I will make a full recovery. Words cannot describe my joy at getting my life back.

I am also committed, to informing the doctors I have seen that PT should be the front line of defense, not a chance referral from friends.


December 2011
Dear Denise,

Please accept my most sincere compliments to you and your entire staff for offering a premier physical therapy facility. My experience with Orthopedic and Spine is always exceptional from arrival to departure.

Your spacious and immaculate facility at Hunter Brook Lane presents a pleasant ambiance that sets the tone that this is a venue designed to promote healing.

Receptionists Lori and Donna cheerfully greet clients and efficiently schedule visits. They are unfailingly gracious in accommodating every request.

Therapy aides Donna and Nellie are ever vigilant to your patients needs as they attentively and personally monitor their activities.

Every therapist in your employ deliver their expert treatment with the utmost professionalism and genuine interest in their clients’ progress. They continue to impress me with the depth of their medical knowledge and the skillful, dignified manner with which they administer treatment.

I applaud your dedication in orchestrating this remarkable ensemble an I regard myself as indeed fortunate to have your establishment available to provide physical health care needs in our community.

“The restoration of one’s normal self is a powerful gift.”

With profound appreciation,

Gail Butto

September 10, 2011
Dear Denise,

From 2006 through 2008, I used your pool almost daily as an integral part of my therapy in dealing with part of my pain management.

During the three years, I found your staff to be sensitive, professional, caring and supportive to my recovery.

In December of 2008, I moved permanently to Texas in an attempt to facilitate year around therapy in a non-winter setting.

In doing so, more importantly from pain management, I have succeeded in staying out of a wheel chair.

When I decided to come to Glens Falls for a visit, I knew I couldn’t spend six weeks here without continuing my pool routine.

I hoped you were still operating and knew your facility would be my first and only choice. Sometimes it’s nice to say some things just don’t change! In your case, it has been such a pleasant surprise to experience all the quality support and surroundings I left three years ago.

I congratulate you on your business ability and management to maintain the highest standards, especially in such a terrible and draining business/economic environment.

The Glens Falls area will always be my home and it is also refreshing to see any business continuing and being such a valuable asset to our community.

Thank you and your associates for being there for me a second time and being such an embracing support to the well being of the whole patient!


Saseen Joseph

August 2011
Dear Denise,

As you know, I have my last visit scheduled for Wednesday August 17th, and I could not let the moment pass without saying thank you to you and to your staff.

I chose you and your firm with full confidence in you, a person that I have known for twenty years. I had been impressed by you years ago when we crossed paths in the hospital setting, and was even more so as I watched you build your business and grow into your role as “mom”. Lastly, your reputation among the Orthopedists led me to conclude that you remained as strong professionally as you are physically. Hence, I chose you for my care, and I have had no regrets.

My range of motion was pitiful when I first arrived; you didn’t even need to move the goniometer to calculate angles because there weren’t any. But over the months, little by little, I have been restored to a very dramatic degree, and I hope that with ongoing effort on my part, using the exercises and the teachings that I was provided, I will not just stabilize but continue to improve. The range is getting there bit by bit, and slowly the pain is fading as well.

You all were aware that I was undergoing my treatments without cover of analgesia, and remained careful to push to limits, but not beyond endurance and not to the point of injury. A delicate balance, but well done!

You were all pleasant, and engaged me in distracting conversation as I was being put through the paces. You never seemed to tire of hearing my middle-aged guy refrain….”Boy you shoulda seen what I USED to be able to do” You all had various interests, approaches and comfort levels regarding treatment of a frozen shoulder, and by being passed around through the group I benefited from the personal skills each different clinician brought to bear. With my burgeoning fitness and new musculature, plus your help and encouragement, I am now proceeding on a weight training program and will be entering the Mr Universe competition. All kidding aside, I am truly, deeply grateful for the good work that all of you have done for me.

I was searching for a time, looking for pain relief, wondering if I made the right choice in keeping the scalpel away from my joint capsule. Now, I know that I chose wisely by persevering, and letting you rearrange my connective tissue in new and exciting ways.

Thank you one and all for your kindness, your personal care, and your professional assistance rendered to me.

With Heartfelt Thanks an Warm Personal Regards,

Howard P Fritz, M.D.

To The Entire Staff,

Thank you so much for helping me get back on both feet so fast.

You were all very professional, knowledgeable and helpful throughout my long rehab. I certainly know where I’m going for rehab should I have another bad day of skiing.

Hopefully, that won’t be too soon…..Have a great summer!


Mike Dansbury


This is but a small token of my great appreciation for everything you all have done to assist with my therapy over two knee operations.

I always looked forward to my appointment for therapy because of the very welcoming manner with which I was treated.

Best wishes to you all!



August 2007
To all my physical therapists:

Jason: Thanks for listening to all my problems and making me feel better both physically and mentally!

Lindsay: Thanks for going the extra mile and figuring out exercises that would work for me and not hurt my back more!

Patti: Thanks for always giving me a happy greeting and all the helpful heating packs and ice packs!

Kristen S.

July 2007
I have been a patient in your South Glens Falls Office since May. At my first visit, I remember thinking it was all a little too relaxed. I very quickly realized it was the right amount of relaxed – it was comfortable. I have bursitis in my right hip and thanks to Chris my pain is minimal.

I never doubted that Chris knew what he was talking about nor that he was committed to helping me heal and reduce my pain – his gentle manner reflects and instills confidence. He is responsive and honest in assessment and answering questions. He listens carefully and is extremely knowledgeable – he doesn’t ever seem frustrated or hurried and I always saw him at the end of his day.

The receptionist Karen skillfully handles many situations by phone and in person and her manner is quite efficient, yet very friendly. If Chris and Karen are a reflection of you, your business, your commitment and philosophy, then you should be proud of what you have accomplished and extremely pleased with your choice of staff. Thank You!

Heidi M.

May 2007
I just wanted to thank you for getting me in so quickly and helping me with my back ache. I really appreciate your help and expertise to help me to understand how to keep my back healthy. Thank you again for all your assistance.

Barb M.

April 2007
I just wanted to say thank-you for helping me get back on my feet. If it wasn’t for your “shimmey shakes” and those stretches, I probably would have ended up back in the hospital for a very painful procedure. I can’t speak highly enough for your staff. What a wonderful, skilled, professional group of people you have working for you. You’re very fortunate! You’ll probably still see me using the pool from time to time – that really feels so good and it’s relaxing. Thank you again for your time and expertise in getting my knee back in shape!

Nancy Girard

December 2006
To Denise and the entire Orthopedic & Spine P.T. Team:

From my first phone call to Donna to set up appointments in early June and through each therapy session before and after my shoulder surgery, each of you has contributed to my recovery through your smiles, warm words of encouragement and support and humor, always humor. Everything about your holistic approach to healing makes a difference, and you can be very proud, as individuals and as team members, for the reputation you project within our community and the surrounding area.

Thank you for being you, and I wish you and your families a very special Christmas and Happy New Year!

Only the warmest “Thank You” will do for people as nice and as special as you!

Susan Andrews

September 2006
To all at Ortho & Spine PT,

I want to thank all of you for helping me over the past two months. I would not have done so well without your dedication. Patti was always a Joy and a friendly face. She was always very encouraging. Jason, Chris and Paul were “Task Masters” but very helpful. My progress is due to all of you. Jason seemed to enjoy it more! Thanks so much and please enjoy the fruit basket. My thanks to all including those I have not mentioned.

Louis V.

June 2006
Dear Denise and Staff,

Thank you for getting me back to normal. Everyone was wonderful and I felt very comfortable whenever I came in. You are all Great!

Maggi T.

February 2006
Recently I completed 2 months of Physical Therapy under the care of Jason at your South Glens Falls facility. After 2 previous PT experiences, I went with some hesitations and pessimism. However, I wish you to know I could not be more pleased with both the process and the results. Jason is a true professional yet warm. He patiently explained each procedure and exercise, answered a mirada of questions yet was never condescending. From Jason, I learned more about my spinal condition than I have from all the MD’s and “specialists” I’ve seen in the past 10 years. He also equipped me with many valuable skills I now use on my own.

Jasons knowledge and natural leadership abilities command respect, while his intuitiveness and ever good nature compel one to easily like him and thus follow the recovery plan with cooperation and good humor. I am also impressed with his ability to stay calm and focused under pressure and able to make each patient feel they are important. Your receptionist/Aide named Karen has a special ease with people and provides a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Jason and Karen are both unique to my experience and I wish only success to them and to your business, and recommend both highly.

Carol K.

February 2005
Thank you so much for the time you spent with me and your genuine concern during our sessions together. I am happy to report that I’m almost back to my old self after gradually setting back to a minimal teaching schedule incorporating your suggestions. I was so impressed with the professionalism at your facility and particularly with your compassion and knowledge. Let’s hope our paths cross again – hopefully under happier circumstances!

Gay Congdon

August 2004
To all the staff at Orthopedic & Spine Physical Therapy,

Thanks you all for all your help and support and especially putting up with me for the past 6 weeks. It was wonderful meeting and getting to know everyone.

Thanks again for Everything and Farewell to the Baps Board!

Dana R.

February 2004
I would like to thank you and your staff for the services I received at your facility in December and January for an injury to my right leg. I was impressed with your facility, professionalism and the quality of care given to me as a patient. I am certain that my healing was a result of the therapy I received. It definitely enhanced circulation, reduced lameness, and increased flexibility at a faster rate. A special thanks to Kerri Shpur who handled most of my visits. She was truly tuned into my condition from visit to visit, and offered a progressive plan that worked really well. Thank you, Kerri. I only wish that I could continue strength training with you longer. Denise, you have a great facility there. Thanks for all that you have done for me, and it was great seeing you again!

Joanne C. (February 2004)

May 2003
Just a note to thank you for the services provided. I have had 24 sessions of therapy to my knee. I believe that I have been assisted by all of your therapists at one time or another. All are friendly, competent, and concerned about my welfare. Most of my appointments have been with Paul, who explains different aspects of my treatment as well as different exercises that will improve my condition. In my opinion, he is an excellent therapist and I would recommend him, as well as the others in your office highly. I realize that I have extensive arthritis in my knee and will never be able to do things that I used to do, however, I have seen much improvement since my treatments. Thank you.

Marie A.

May 2003
I thought my tennis elbow would never heal! I tried various medications and totally avoided using my right arm, but could not get rid of the pain until I began physical therapy at Orthopedic & Spine Physical Therapy. After a few visits, I can finally open doors and shake hands without wincing. What a relief!

The entire experience at Ortho & Spine has been great; the staff, the whirlpool treatments, the massages. I would highly recommend Orthopedic & Spine Physical Therapy to anyone who wants to be rid of their aches and pains once and for all!

Kathie D.

October 2002
Sending you this note to thank you for the excellent care given to me during my physical therapy. I have struggled with back problems for years but this has been the most painful and longest lasting problem I’ve been through. It was so helpful to have been given continuous exercises to do when the pain increased so that I didn’t have to wait until another appointment to feel relief. I’m so happy to have learned the ongoing exercises to keep my back healthy and pain-free. So many times I have been given medication to take care of the pain, but not the information to help correct the problem. Now, I feel more secure about being able to help eliminate the pain myself before it gets out of control. Thank you for your positive attitude and helpful information. I made it through the packing and moving with virtually no pain!

Lynn W.

November 2001
I want to thank you all so much for the patience and kindness that was extended to me during my physical therapy appointments. You all have so much energy and enthusiasm in helping people reach their goals. The office is so organized, and you all work so great together. It was a pleasure to come to your office! You will come very highly recommended by me to all my friends and family. I am so satisfied with the skills I was taught to control my “long existing back problems.” Thank you all for everything that you did for me. I give you all a “AAA” rating!

Kathryn R.

Dear Denise and PT Team:

I miss you all; you are the most professional, terrific team I’ve ever had on my side. Thank you for your help and understanding. Your skills made my pain so much less and I almost enjoyed needing your services. Keep up the great work.


Just a quick note to say thank you to all of you who made my rehab after knee surgery a very pleasant and rewarding experience. Jason, Carla and Paul along with the support staff were professional yet friendly and welcoming. I am sure that I got the best care possible in an environment perfect for healing. I will not forget your smiling faces.


Nancy K.

Here is a little afternoon treat for you all to snack on. I wanted to thank you for being so great to me this summer. It takes really special people to make physical therapy an enjoyable experience. I will let you know ho things go in Boston and will be back to visit. Thanks again, you’re wonderful!

Best Wishes!


Dear Staff: This card is long overdue, but I wanted to write and say a big Thank You for all you did for me last year in helping me recover from my knee replacement surgery. The constant encouragement, caring, and compassion were what kept me going when I thought I’d never get better. Special thanks to Chris who began my therapy in Moreau and always had a smile and encouraging words (even though he liked stretching me a little too much!) – To Jason who first began my pool therapy and constantly was cheering me on would not allow me to get discouraged or give up. To Carla who spent countless periods of time effectively stretching me and doing it with such compassion and always making me feel worth the effort. Last but definitely not least to Denise for having such a wonderful practice for your patients and for hiring such qualified, caring staff. In my opinion all of you excel in what you do.

May God bless all of you!

Beth H.

To Everyone, Just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate your professionalism and also kindness and gentleness when I was hurting. I truly had a great experience and will surely tell friends and family about your facility.

Thanks so much,

Melody D.

Denise and Staff – I just wanted to thank all of you for the wonderful way you treated me. I know my recovery was due to the kindness and treatment you all showed me. I’m so thankful I met you all and again thank you for caring.


Martha H.