Wellness & Worksite Solutions

Our Worksite programs first involve interviews followed by a tour of the facility where we will make observations and take notes on areas of concern. Each program will be tailored to the specific job site, employee or task. The program may include some or all of the following; depending on employer need:

  1. Onsite Early Intervention Program
    • Office Ergonomics
    • Jobsite Analysis
  2. Injury Prevention
  3. Workplace Wellness
  4. Pre-Employment Evaluation
  5. Return to work after injury

The latest Health Care trends involve the subject of Wellness. The true meaning of wellness is really about lifestyle management. Components of these include Physical activity, healthy behaviors and mind-body physiology including stress management, emotional health and social health.

Orthopedic & Spine Physical Therapy is now incorporating a complete Wellness program. We have always offered our space and equipment to post-rehab fitness but now we are taking it a step further. We are working with Maria Leuci, CHC, AADP and other Well-care professionals to deliver every aspect of Health and Wellness to you, your family and your worksite. Our goal as a unit is to evaluate each and every person’s challenges and work with that person to accomplish their wellness goals.

Fitness and wellness is a parallel product within the physical therapy arena. As a physical therapist, one of our biggest challenges is that we can only see people for a short period of time before we set them free into the fitness world. Physical Therapists are the highest trained and the proven experts for exercise and all musculoskeletal challenges. It is only natural for us to fall into the Wellness and Fitness world.

There is a wealth of data on the impact of health issues such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. As we all know, exercise is an important component in fighting these issues. Are you aware that exercise and nutrition are also showing strong evidence to prevent Alzheimer’s disease? Knowing the importance of exercise is not usually the problem. The real challenge is motivating ourselves to be physically active. What we really need is Behavior Modification.

What we hope to accomplish in Behavior Modification is to help people overcome sedentary behavior and make physical activity a regular part of their lives. Our program is to educate and encourage others to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle to achieve “Wellness”. Long term behavior change is critical, and we want to make the appropriate and most successful impact on healthy lifestyle behaviors.

What are the “Solutions” to motivate to Wellness? To start, we have determined one of the top reasons some people have a difficult time motivating is because they feel intimidated in a traditional gym. They want to get healthy, but perhaps they have never been to a gym or don’t know how to use the equipment. Others have health issues that may make them afraid to exercise.

We have several patients who no longer need skilled physical therapy or have exhausted their health benefits, yet are, still require guidance or have a fear of reinjury. Others are left with a permanent disability and are embarrassed to return to their body building gym.

We have provided a variety of Physical Activity Programs specifically designed for all of these factors and more. The Physical Activity programs include:

  • Medical Fitness Assessment
  • Guided Exercise Programs
  • Independent Exercise Programs
  • Warm Water Exercise Classes
  • Aquatic Arthritis/Fibromyalgia Exercise Class
  • Aquatic Pilates
  • Fall Prevention Classes
  • Sport Specific Injury Prevention Programs
  • Strength and Agility Programs
  • Mat Pilates

Wellness and Nutrition talks and Services are provided by our Wellness team including Charissa Tucker, Certified Personal Trainer and Maria Leuci, CHC, AADP.